training services and pricing

At Wolf Pack Pet Care we use a "no-fear", "balanced" approach. This means we prefer to use training tools (ie. treats, slip leads, prong collars, gentle leaders, muzzles etc.) but will adhere to the wishes of the human in charge as needed.

The foundation of our training philosophy mirrors that of many mainstream successful trainers. By taking care of the body through exercise, the mind through discipline and the heart through reward and praise, we can develop the strongest bond possible with our animal companions.  By establishing clear expectations in the home and developing a strong pack dynamic through accountability, redirection and affection, your dog will begin to understand and enjoy their role in the family. There are no secrets to dog training and by the end of it you will also be a dog trainer to your dog. More importantly you will be able to provide them with the understanding, confidence and calmness that will allow them to be the dog you've always dreamed of.

Private 1 hour lesson

$70 per session

A private 1 hour lesson in which we can work on establishing the foundations of dog training communication and expectation (human is the "gatekeeper", "body language and tone of voice" etc... or we can focus on specific behaviors at the request of the human in charge.  

Basic obedience and house rules  (group class)

$45 per student
(limit 5 dogs per class)

For the humans really. In this one hour session we will establish basic language we expect our dog to understand as well as a few simple commands. In essence this session is there to provide the fundamental practices of establishing good pack communication and expectation. "yes" as a marker, "sit, look at me, stay, leave it"....that sort of thing.

How to walk on leash, respectfully
$60 per session

As WPPC believes exercise is the first step to calming your dog we also feel it is important to make going out for walks a peaceful practice rather than a war of attrition:  No more sore back or guilt from wanting to strangle the family pet; and everyone gets the walk they need.  Verbal commands coupled with leash pressure to begin followed by a dash of heel and leave it.  May include group walking introduction.


Tanya O. (google review) 3 months ago

"Rocco and myself have had great experiences during each of his training sessions. Eddy is kind, professional and great with my Rocco. He has not only taught Rocco but has taught me how to continue with his great performance. Prior to Rocco's training he displayed anxious behaviors when he saw other dogs. Eddy taught us both how to manage this and much more. I highly recommend Wolf Pack Pet Care.