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The wolf Pack project

Something happens when I talk to people about the mission of Wolf Pack Pet Care. They get excited. People feel my passion and can see the momentum with which we are moving.  I never expected anyone to offer to donate to my company. I mean, know it's a worthy cause (that's why I've dedicated my life to it) but I never expected everyone to understand it so easily and be so moved by our mission.  I am honored and humbled by the generosity WPPC has received so far and that is why it is the promise of Wolf Pack Pet Care LLC that every donation we receive is used to maintain and embolden one goal; keeping dogs out of shelters and with families where they belong. By contributing to our mission you help WPPC increase our ability to network with other animal welfare advocates and expand our reach to as many families in need as we can.  Every donation will go directly to the procurement of supplies and to offsetting operational expenses. Those expenses include but are not limited to: 

--Dog training tools; leashes, collars, treats, crates etc.  In the past many of these items are either sold at cost or donated to families when necessary. Your contributions would ensure all items could be donated when required.    

--Company vehicle repairs and maintenance;  WPPC puts a lot of miles on its vehicles and although WPPC has an in-house mechanic (pretty cool, we know) parts are still costly.  Mobility is key to our company's survival and we rely on locally sourced parts and service.  Your donations here not only help support the Wolf Pack Nation but many local businesses as well.  Go local or go home!

--And Finally...Wolf Pack Pet Care is looking to expand our operation from mobile to stationary as well. It is the ultimate dream of WPPC to offer not only training and walking services but Day Care, Board and Train and Rescue fostering as well.  Your generosity helps move WPPC closer to having its own facility in which to offer even more amazing services.  So please find it in your heart to donate to a worthy cause, expanding the Wolf Pack Nation!


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