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The Mission of Wolf pack pet care


Wolf Pack Pet Care is here for one main purpose; To foster the relationships between dogs and their humans. I believe in the special connection humans and dogs have had for thousands of years. We rely on them as family members and as such we ask a tremendous amount from our companions. It is only fair then that we provide them with the resources and language they need to be the best pack members they can be. At WPPC we believe the first step is making sure your dog is getting the exercise and socialization they require. When introduced mindfully, regular exposure to the outside world and socializing with others builds confidence in dogs.  It has been my experience through training and walking all types of dogs, that the most confident dogs are those that have confident handlers and have experienced as much as they can in life. They develop trust with the humans in their life and in their own ability to deal with stressful situations and therefore become less reactive and more responsive as a whole. Dogs are pack animals and domesticated dogs are looking for Human pack leaders.  Therefore it is important to be clear and confident with your packmate to provide them with the love and security they are looking for.  So it is our mission to get your dog tired, and happy and ready to learn how to be the best pack member they can be. 

About Eddy

A dog lover first and foremost.  With an enormous heart and a penchant for taking in strays, Eddy has been rescuing and rehabilitating dogs (mostly pitbulls) since the early 2000's.  Trial by fire was the beginning approach to dog training, however, with several amazing mentors and countless hours of  research regarding animal behavior and psychology, dog training has become a way of life for Eddy and his crew.  A graduate of both the University of Vermont and Morrisville State University, Eddy spent much of his academic career focused on behavioral psychology and education with a side of automotive sciences. An unconventional skill set that lends itself better to dog whispering than one might think.  Born and raised on the East coast, he spent much of his life exploring the woods and mountains wherever he could find them. Eddy developed a powerful love and respect for nature and animals which drives his life now.  His decision to work with dogs specifically, comes in large part from his parents' passion for rescuing and fostering dogs in Central New York during his youth. A passion that he continues to carry today. With years of experience raising his own rescue animals Eddy has learned many important lessons in understanding canine behavior. The most important one however is that there are no bad dogs, and every dog just wants to be part of a pack (most of the time). So don't hesitate to call, Eddy and Wolf Pack Pet Care are ready to take care of your pack as if it was their own. After all, we're all in this together. It's the Wolf Pack Way! 

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